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Xlendi Bay is in the South West corner of the Island and is picturesque with its protected bay, cliff walks, good quality restaurants offering a wide variety of menu's and prices. It is a great place to swim and dive and many people take their first adventure into diving in this sandy bottomed bay with its excellent marine life and secret cave/tunnel. A favourite place for locals and visitors.
Sunset Xlendi Bay
Sunset over Xlendi Tower
Sunset Xlendi Bay
Xlendi Tower at Dusk.jpg
Xlendi Tower at Dusk
Xlendi Bay after sunset
Divers View Xlendi Tunnel
Dining in Xlendi
Gozo 1902.jpg
Xlendi Bay 1908
Early Morning Mist - Xlendi.JPG
Early Morning Mist Xlendi Bay
Xlendi Bay with Trees.jpg
Xlendi Bay 1959 
Xlendi Bay from the shore 2019
Xlendi Bay still with trees
Flowering Stocks on the Cliffs
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